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Counseling Service Where We Want You to Learn, Grow & Thrive in Who You Are and All That You Do.

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THERAPISTS & COUNSELORS in Western Suburbs of Chicago, IL

Life Redefined Clinical Counseling with seasoned clinical social workers and counselors offers psychotherapy to numerous individuals in all stages of life. From young to old, from single to married, to it’s complicated. Life Redefined Clinical Counseling sees children, teens, young adults, middle/older adults, couples, and families.   


Communication is a key part of any relationship, and this also includes the client/therapist relationship. We strive to show kindness, empathy, compassion and confidence to all we interact with and have the pleasure of walking along side of.

While we enjoy laughing and making the therapy process a personal yet, meaning full journey, our communications are simple, direct, and compelling, reflecting our commitment to safety, accessibility, and innovation.

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Let's Create a New Normal

Can you imagine your life redefined? That’s our hope for you. We want you to enter into a space of limitless potential and change. As therapists, our job is to create a safe space for you to explore how your life can be redefined. Your life does not have to be “falling apart” to seek help. We don’t want you to go back to how life was, we want to empower you to create a new and healthy normal.